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Public Speaking

Having it all: how to not let your career hurt your marriage.

Things are going really well right now. Right now. You love your job. You love your partner. You love your life. I’m truly happy for you. But I also know that underneath the happiness there is some anxiety. That anxiety has to do with the fact that part of your joy has to do with the fact that you’re in love, that you and your partner are not dependent on each other, and are not encumbered by with raising children and paying the mortgage, and mainly because you are walking on thin ice, skating around the most sensitive subjects.

And what are these sensitive subjects? money, sex, and taking care of the house and the children. Three talks you don’t dare have and which may create a problem for you in the future.

As an Emotionally Based Couples Therapist, I can teach you how to talk about sensitive subjects. In my talk I suggest how you may handle your differences without getting into a power struggle.

The drugs and medications that can transform your relationship.


Are you against drugs? Not even taking an Advil when you’re having a headache? Frowning when hearing about anti-depressants, and thinking they are addictive? If you do, then you are trippin’, and it is time to wake up. Legal drugs (known as ‘Medicine’), and illegal drugs, can significantly improve your relationship if you would only use them wisely. My following talk is not all-encompassing nor is it a medical recommendation. So please do not try this at home before consulting with a doctor:


The king of the chemical substances that can support your relationship.,

My impression, as an Emotion-Based Couples Therapist, and based on a published interview I conducted (which was the cover-story of Haaretz weekend edition) with 12 men and women who shared with me the meaningful ways of which MDMA improved and deepened their relationship-is that hiding our vulnerabilities creates a distance between romantic partners.

Cialis / Viagra

If you are a man embarrassed to talk to your partner about Cialis, Viagra, and other erection enhancing medication, then I feel really sad for you. And it doesn’t matter how old are you. And if you are a woman who is prejudice about these pills, you have no idea of what you are missing out on. My point is: it is worth trying even if there is no medical issue. Sales volume of Viagra reached 1.5 Billion Dollars in 2016, are you still feeling alone?! Of course, you must consult with a doctor and make sure it’s medically ok for you to take this magnificent drug.

The full talk also includes a reference to antidepressants and anxiolytics, antihistamines, and Cannabis.

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